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Grafik Team Werbeagentur
Grafik Team Werbeagentur in Leer Ostfriesland

Branding & Graphic design

You expect a conclusive and integrated brand experience, which contributes to the formation or strengthening of your branding? Our Graphic Design deals with the form and function to boost your brand. We develop activities from marketing to product in order to highlight your offer from the mass. So we' ll trigger positive effects in the minds of your customers.
With clean and new high-impact design we’ll build up unique relationships with your consumers. Therefore we use distinctive messages from person to person, whether as result of classical print ads, brochures, product packaging or corporate design.

Web Design & Development

Modern web page design will be measured simply by the number of visitors becoming costumers. Our Smart Content Design can win new customers with the right function for your company. Action, purpose and success of a website can be measured.
You talk to us and together we’ll develop together the best concept, the right words in a modern style. With classical Graphics-, Interaction- and Motion- Design we create new appearances in the web. In this manner we’ll reach your future customer.

Print &
digital media

Print advertising works and continues to be effective with great diversity. There are countless opportunities to use them.

Apart from posters, flyers, brochures and business cards especially newspapers and magazines will be able to reach the attention of your audience.
What counts are solid graphical crafts and the right idea. Using visual language and speech craft we put your brand in focus.

Grafik Team Werbeagentur in Leer Ostfriesland

bbs 1 berufsbildende schulen
bbs I Leer Berufsbildende Schulen Logo & CI - development, displays
Bäckerei Bruhns in Leer
Bäckerei Bruhns in Leer Logo, flyer, display
Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG Abteilung Forschungsschifffahrt
Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG flyer, postcards, posters
Hartmann Reederei
Hartmann Reederei Corporate identity annual report, artwork
Huneke Straßen- und Tiefbau
HUNEKE STRASSEN- U. TIEFBAU display, car letterings
Kälte Schön Kühltechnik
Kälte Schön Kühltechnik Booth, office equipment, ads
Lay Naturschlachter
Lay Naturschlachter Posters, display, car wrapping
Leffers Optik
Leffers Optik Ads, flyer, events
Lions Club Musikpreis
Lions Club Musikpreis Certificates, posters, office equipment
Multi SB Warenhäuser Leer
multi SB Warenhäuser newspaper inserts, full service, displays, events, advertising technology
Nimmrich und Prahm Reederei
Nimmrich & Prahm Reederei Logo, office equipment, flags
Rohrlux Industrieleuchten Leer
Rohrlux Industrieleuchten Catalogs, full service, dislays, packaging
Ulferts GmbH Kranvermietung
Ulferts GmbH brochures, full service, displays, events
Verlagsarbeiten, Jahrbücher, Stadtkarten, Touristen- und Stadtführer
Publishing work Yearbooks, city maps, tourist and city guide, events
Weinert und Grüssing Sanitätshaus
Weinert & Grüssing Sanitätshaus Logo, ads, outdoor signs
KFZ- Beschriftungen, PKW Beklebung, LED Displays, Werbetechnik
Advertising technology Car letterings, LED displays
Yohanna promotional items from east frisia
Yohanna promotional items Promotional gifts, promotional items and sales promotion
Zeitungsgruppe Ostfriesland, Grafiken
ZGO Graphics and charts of statistics
Eco Flettner Wind-Hybrid-Küstenmotorschiff-Entwicklung
VIDEO – ECO FLETTNER - a sailing machine One of the MariTIM innovation projects - the Wind Hybrid Coaster

Grafik Team Adcertising, Leer, Ostfriesland

Web projects

Stini Yiamas Restaurant
Web-project: Stini Yiamas Restaurant Design & realization: GT
Consulting Vujcic
Web-project: Vujcic Consulting Design & realization: GT
Frisia Gebäudereinigung
Web-project: Frisia Gebäudereinigung Design, realization & CMS: GT
Sielacht Stickhausen
Web-projevt: Sielacht Stickhausen Design, realization & CMS: GT
Web-project: Leda-Jümme-Verband Design, realization & CMS: GT
Feldmann Bestattungen
Web-project: Feldmann Bestattungen Design, realization & CMS: GT
Ledatec Partner für Parkett und Bodenbeläge in Leer
Web-project: Ledatec Design & realization: GT
Eco Flettner
Web-project: Eco Flettner Design & realization: GT
Eilers Bauunternehmen
Web-project: Eilers Bauunternehmen Design & realization: GT
Gewerbepark Rheiderland EGR mbH
Web-project: GewerbePark Rheiderland Design & realization: GT
HL-Licht GmbH
Web-project: HL-Licht GmbH Design & realization: GT
Hoppe Elektrotechnik
Web-project: Hoppe Elektrotechnik Design & realization: GT
Naturschlachterei Lay
Web-project: Naturschlachterei Lay Design & realization: GT
Immobilien Oetken in Leer
Web-project: Immobilien Oetken in Leer Design & realization: GT
Insektenschutz vom Profi
Web-project: Insektenschutz vom Profi Design & realization: GT

What our customers say

Grafik Team Werbeagentur in Leer Ostfriesland

Managing directors
Gerrit Langwisch

0491 - 92 55 513

Gerrit Langwisch
Grafiker & Typograf
Managing directors
Ralf Oltmanns

0491 - 92 55 523

Ralf Oltmanns
Dipl. Wirtschafts-Ingenieur
Grafik Design
Hanna Engerisser

0491 - 92 55 511

Hanna Engerisser
Dipl. Grafik-Designerin (FH)
Grafik Design
Gerd Oltmanns

0491 - 92 55 518

Gerd Oltmanns
Dipl. Informationswirt (FH), Mediengestalter
Pascal Schlörmann

0491 - 92 555 17

Pascal Schlörmann
Celina Bentem

0491 - 92 555 15

Celina Bentem
Media designer
Johanne Oltmanns

0491 - 92 55 514

Johanne Oltmanns
Buchhaltung & Vertrieb
Advertising technology
Peter Howe

0491 - 92 55 515

Peter Howe

Grafik Team Werbeagentur in Leer Ostfriesland

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